Yamaha Tesseract Hybrid, Motorcycle for Superheroes/Badasses/Us?/No

Gracias a gizmodo

The Yamaha Tesseract concept for Tokyo Motor Show is not a motorcycle. Because it’s way more awesome than a motorcycle.

Featuring 4 wheels for enhanced stability, the frame is apparently still not much bigger than a normal bike. And somewhere in there fits two different engines, one gasoline of undisclosed size and another electrical (to dual impress biker chicks and eco babes, though probably offering some impressive performance payoffs as well). The important note to remember is that the Tesseract is not a motorcycle. Please spread the word and make sure every wife knows it while we pray Yamaha actually puts the…vehicle…into production.

We’re also hoping to see the Tesseract transform into a Gundam robot and fulfill its true destiny. [autoblog]